5 Ways To Prepare Your Home For Sale

Looking to move to a new area, or perhaps you are having a new custom home being built by Hagen Homes? Whatever the reason, you want to make sure you are getting the money you deserve for your old home. When it comes to preparing a house to go on the market, a little work can go a long way. Putting a little effort into making your home more presentable for future buyers can drastically improve a potential buyer’s opinion and help you get a great price for your home.

1. Make Your Home Look More Spacious

The first thing you should do is clean up any clutter around your house. Organize your belongings, put any excessive clutter in storage, and maybe go through and see what you can throw out. Next, see if you can reorganize your furniture to open up your rooms and make them seem more inviting. Lighting is another way to make your home look more inviting. A well-lit room will look bigger and will make it easier for buyers to see the whole room. Mirrors are a simple way to brighten up a room without actually adding any more lighting and they will make your house look larger.

2. Clean or Replace Your Carpeting

Once you’ve cleaned up the clutter, reorganized the furniture, and brought in better lighting, any damaged or dirty carpeting will be much more apparent. Nice-looking flooring will greatly improve potential buyers’ perception of your house. Sometimes a good vacuuming might do the trick but, depending on how bad it is, you might want to hire a professional carpet cleaning service or get new carpeting. Depending on the age of your home, it might be hiding beautiful wood floors underneath that ugly carpeting. For homes like that, it might be better to remove the entire carpeting and restore the original wood flooring.

3. Make Basic Repairs

Now is the time to get to all those little repairs you’ve been putting off for years. The money you spend on repairs will pay dividends when you put your home on the market. Fill in any holes from wall fixtures and paint over any places the paint has chipped off. Even if you aren’t very handy, just tightening any loose screws around the house with a screwdriver and oiling any squeaky hinges will improve your house so much you’ll wonder why you didn’t do this years ago!

4. Clean Up Your Lawn

If you have a lawn, make sure that it is not neglected. The lawn is the first thing people will see and you want to make sure they have a good impression of your house before they get through the door. Give your landscaping a little love! Just like inside, clean any clutter you have on your lawn. Next, make sure that your grass and bushes are trimmed to a good length and remove any noticeable weeds. If you have any dead patches of grass, see what you can do to repair those. Adding a few plants will also help make your lawn look more pleasant, even if you just put a few potted flowers on your porch.

5. Deep Clean

The final thing to do before opening up your house is to deep-clean everything. Get rid of any soap scum in your shower or bathtub, scrub the toilet, polish glass surfaces, etc. You should be able to run your finger across any surface without it getting dirty. If you don’t have the time or desire to scrub the floorboards and polish the sink, you might want to consider hiring a cleaning service. By the time your house is cleaned, there shouldn’t be a trace of dirt or dust on any surface.

Now that you have your house in its best possible shape, you are ready to show it off to potential buyers and start looking toward moving into your new home!

Prep to Sell your Old Home to Build your New one!

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