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5 Essential Safety Items Every Home Should Have

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5 Items You NEED in Your New Laundry Room

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5 Space-Saving Tips for Your Custom Home

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Custom Home Designs to Consider

When it’s time to upgrade your home, a great option is to look at custom home designs! With so many... read more

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5 Halloween Decoration Ideas for Your New Custom Home

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Custom Homes vs. Production Homes

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What is a Luxury Home?

You've likely come across a real estate listing claiming that the home was a "luxury home". However... read more

How long does it take to build a home?

How Long Does it Take to Build a Home?

From beginning to end, the process of building a custom home takes about twelve months, though it... read more

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Building a House Vs. Buying a House

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Why Should I Hire A Custom Home Builder?

Building a new home can be the largest investment that many people will make in their lifetime, so... read more