How to Ensure a Timeless Design for Your Home

Timeless Interior Design

Keep Your Colors Neutral

Neutral colors such as off-whites, grays, and other light colors will match any home design features you choose and will help make your rooms look spacious and bright. Neutral colors are present in traditional and modern designs, and since don’t add too much color, they can match with almost any design. Having a lot of bold colors may give your home a fun and quirky feel right now, but down the road, when the novelty wears out and trends move on, it could look gaudy. It’s okay to use some bold colors, but they should be undertones, rather than the main look of the room.

Gather Designs from a Wide Range of Sources

When looking through magazines and pictures, don’t go with just the latest designs, look at designs from ten, twenty, or thirty years ago. Try to find common threads between all the designs. For instance, you’ll probably see just as much natural wood in magazines from 2005 as in those from 2018! Themes that continue to pop up across many years have stood the test of time and are, therefore “timeless.”
Mixing and matching an assortment of previous designs will give your home a rounded look. When people point out unfashionable designs, they’ll usually compare the general home décor to earlier fads or bygone eras. Mixing and matching your design will make sure your home won’t be pinned to one design style and remain a timeless look.

However, don’t get carried away by trying to fit a wild mixture of fads from over the years. A few tasteful elements are all you need.

Keep Trends to Things that are Easily Replaceable

Not everything in your home needs to be tasteful for the next hundred years. While the basic design and functionality of your home should always be tailored to be timeless, it’s okay to keep some of the more temperamental aspects of your home. Wall art, small pieces of furniture, and some decorative mementos are easy items to replace when their charm starts to fade.

Focusing on a timeless design for your Kenosha County home will ensure your space looks classy and elegant for years to come. Focus on the tips above as you work with Hagen Homes in Building to fashion a custom home that will continue to meet your needs.