Surviving the Holidays When Preparing to Build

With Christmas right around the corner, it’s a great time to start thinking about building your new custom home! That is, if you’re looking to build a new custom home in the near future, you may be looking at ways to stretch your dollar farther to prepare for the expense as well as reduce the clutter in your home. Some of us have the tendency to go overboard during the gifting season. We are a nation of consumers and sometimes that means we spend way too much on things that we don’t necessarily need or have the space for. Not to mention that you may receive some gifts that simply add to your clutter (which doesn’t make moving into your custom home any easier). How can you fight what seems like a holiday inevitability? Here are a few tips to help you avoid the holiday clutter and save some $$$!

Preparing to Build Your Custom Home

Set Limits

When it comes to curbing your spending as well as cutting the clutter, it’s a great idea to set limits! Have a quick discussion with friends and family about the holiday season and set a maximum dollar amount. This is where knowing what you want/need can also come in handy, as you can tell them and refrain from bringing any more clutter into your home.


Spend Money on Experiences

Why get stuff when you can get vacations instead?!! This year, instead of the family going back and forth about what to get each other, put your money toward a family vacation! Renting a cabin or beach house for the whole family can be cheaper. Just make sure to pick a place that has plenty of activities to do during the day! Spending time with your family can be far more rewarding as well.



In the last five years, I will honestly say that unless someone asks for something specific, I have given nothing but consumables. Bottles of wine, chocolates, popcorn tins, or even gift cards are all gifts that take up minimum space and/or can be consumed easily. No one else likes the holiday clutter, either!


Wish Lists

Amazon is the most popular online wish list maker, but there are plenty of other businesses that offer wish lists. Get everything you really want on that list and share it with friends and family. There is nothing better than getting what you really want this year.


Holiday Clutter Return /Re-gift

When it’s all said and done, if you’ve done everything you could to try to keep the family from giving you stuff that you didn’t need (but no one listened), there are a couple of other options. Many stores, both online and in-person have a more lenient return policy during the holidays. Even if they won’t give you cash back, you could take the store credit and buy the things you really want or need in the future. Of course, you can always hang on to the gift and give it to someone else! (Just try to avoid re-gifting to the original gifter).

With any luck, you’ll make it through the holidays with a little more money in your pocket and greater satisfaction from the gifts you received. The tips above may even result in a noticed improvement in the heaps of clutter that usually follow the holidays. This should put you in a great position to build your new custom home! Hagen Homes is ready to answer your questions and get started on the design phase for your new home. Contact us today!