10 Important Tips for People Building a New Home

Top 10 Custom Home Building Tips

  1. Choose your building property carefully. Talk to the neighbors and research the land itself. Property boundaries, property taxes, and school districts are all factors that should be considered when choosing the location for your home.
  2. Shop around for financing. Don’t settle on the first bank to offer you a loan. Interest rates and promotions can vary between lenders. A mortgage broker can help you shop around.
  3. Separate your priority list from your wish list. Knowing exactly what you need and what you want will be very helpful when it comes to crunching numbers.
  4. Get references for your home builder. Reputable, honest home builders will be willing to provide references from past clients.
  5. Ask what’s included in the base price and what isn’t. Assuming something is included without checking to make sure will almost always result in disappointment.
  6. Don’t build the nicest house in your neighborhood. Years down the road when it comes time to sell, a run-down neighborhood will make your house less desirable to buyers.
  7. Use low-maintenance materials wherever possible. Stainless steel, natural stone, and marble may look nice, but it is often difficult to maintain their original beauty.
  8. Be as detailed as possible. Unique trim and moldings, sconce lighting, and other unique details will enhance the feel of your home.
  9. Have a contingency fund. Always expect to spend more. Problems can come up and you may decide you want to add something later.
  10. Don’t take shortcuts. Taking the time to do things right will pay off in the long run.


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