Custom Home Builders in Lake Geneva

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Finding the right custom home builders in Lake Geneva can be tricky, but here at Hagen Homes, our experienced team and proven successful practices make it the obvious choice for your next home venture! Our experience spans anywhere from construction to custom home building — we do it all and maintain our reputation for having the highest construction standards when it comes to custom home builders in Lake Geneva. We care about our community and enjoy the honor of bringing our clients’ life dreams to life! There is no feeling that compares to seeing one’s vision come true and getting to be a part of that is truly what motivates us and sets up apart from the rest.

Our President and Founder, Joshua Hagen is a local builder that has been providing our clients with the upmost personal attention and care that each family looking to embark on this journey truly deserves.

We want this experience to be smooth and exciting for you and your family, and we have the practices that support what makes us a top choice for the best custom home builders in Lake Geneva!

“We’ll never build the same house twice!” Every client of ours receives a 100% unique custom home to them after receiving blueprints to start from. Our custom work is guaranteed and warrantied. We also guarantee that you won’t find other custom home builders in Lake Geneva like us!

Did we mention that we also offer a year-long unlimited warranty on everything including roofing, windows, doors, and drywall! We can’t wait to work with you as your custom home builders in Lake Geneva and bring your vision to life!

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Trusted Custom Home Builders in Lake Geneva

A strong foundation is always the key to starting the process of building a quality home. This foundation is found with the best Custom Home Builders in Lake Geneva. Our experts will work with you every step of the way to ensure your custom home building experience is professional, proper, and efficient. ready to take the next step? Let’s Get started!