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The team of professionals at Hagen Homes are here to be your trusted house builder in Bristol! We’re here to bring your dream home into reality. 

With over 20 years of experience in construction and house building, we take great pride in customer satisfaction – our goal is to keep you in the loop from the first sketch to the final nail so you feel comfortable with our work every step of the way. 

Our team of experts know the importance of personal touch and attention to detail. Local builder, President, and founder Joshua Hagen makes a point to make himself available to our clients and provide the personal attention each project needs to exceed your expectations and create a home you and your family can feel comfortable in. 

At Hagen Homes, we offer an inventory of past blueprints to work from and have the expertise to customize each project to our customer’s individual needs. If you can picture your new home, Hagen Homes can build it.

When you say yes to working with Hagen Homes, you can feel confident you’re saying yes to the most reliable house builder in Bristol! Review our list of services, take a look at some of our past jobs, and contact us today to start your journey with the best house builder in Bristol! 

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Trusted House Builder in Bristol

At Hagen Homes, we know that the first step to a safe and happy house is a strong foundation. We believe that our team of trusted professionals is the foundation you need to create your dream home. 

No matter where you are in your house building journey, check out Hagen Homes’ blog for home safety, improvement, and furnishing tips! 

Contact Hagen Homes for your FREE estimate to get started on your journey with the best house builder in Bristol!