5 Custom Home Factors You May Have Overlooked

The joy of building your own home from scratch is truly unparalleled. The beauty of custom home designs lies in the flexibility to choose a concept that perfectly reflects your lifestyle and meets your family’s requirements. Even though a readymade house saves on time and cost, it is a custom home that lets you bring your dream home to life.


According to studies by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), 4 out of 10 custom homes in the U.S. do not have a proper HVAC system. An improper HVAC system not only poses health concerns but also leads to discomfort and higher energy bills. An effective HVAC system is one that is appropriately sized and distributed in accordance with the size of your house.

At Hagen Homes, we take pride in employing high-efficiency furnace air filters and heat recovery ventilator systems that filter out dust, pollen, and particles, thereby ensuring that fresh and filtered air is circulated inside the house.


The floor plan sets the foundation for your custom home design. One that looks good on paper but does not serve your family’s size and lifestyle can turn out to be a nightmare going forward.

Think long-term when you are finalizing the floor plan of your house. Plan so that your home adapts to the growing needs of your family, ensuring they are comfortable in the space for years to come.

The placement of rooms is another important factor. Bedrooms are better off being away from the kitchen and living room, laundry deserves a separate room and it’s always a good idea to place your kitchen near an entrance. Yes, the design is important, but don’t let that overtake the functionality aspect of your home.


There is so much more to lighting than just being a source of illumination. The right kind of lighting blends creativity with function, making it an integral part of your décor and hence, needs to be incorporated in the initial planning stages of your custom home.

Bring light and warmth to your home by the strategic placement of natural and electrical lighting. Don’t just rely on lighting fixtures; make sure you add a sufficient number of windows that bring in natural light to your home too. After all, nothing enhances the mood like a well-lit home.


Storage is something one can never get enough of. When you move into a ready home, you need to make do with the storage space you have. Custom home designs, on the other hand, allow you to pick and choose the kind of storage you want to build and suits your needs and budget.

From bedroom closets and mudroom to a pantry and well-shelved laundry room, having smart storage solutions in your new home is the first step to an organized, functional, and efficient space. Employ interchangeable storage solutions that can adapt to your life. The last thing you want is to not have enough places to store your belongings or just as bad, be left with wasted space.


Consider maximizing the curb appeal of your custom home while in the design phase. While you do plan to live in your home for most of your life, it is imperative to consider the possibility of selling it later down the line. Keep your custom home design universal and simple. Invest in aspects such as open floor plans, smart home features, and kitchen and bathroom upgrades to make it an easy sell if ever you feel the need to part ways.

At Hagen Homes, we are dedicated to building better homes with enduring design and lasting value. Feel free to contact us for any assistance and we will be glad to take you a few steps closer to your dream home.

Building your dream home is a rewarding experience and while it may seem taxing, you must keep your eyes on the end goal and enjoy the journey.

Remember that this is your dream home and while designers, architects, and other vendors can guide you, the final decision rests with you. So, be fully involved and we are certain it will be worth it! Contact us today with any further questions or to get started on planning out your new custom home with a company known for the quality of its work!