5 Signs You’re Ready to Build a Custom Home

Are You Ready to Build a Custom Home?

Everyone daydreams about one day building their perfect home. It’s fun to imagine your kitchen, game room, or finished basement! The question is, how do you know when it’s time to bring your dream home into reality? How can you be sure that you’re ready to build a new home? That’s why we’ve compiled the following list:

1. You Don’t Feel at Home in Your Current Home

Whether you’re in an apartment, condo, or another house you may find yourself feeling like you’re living in someone else’s space. Sure, your things are decorating the place and you have a place to rest your head at night, but is it really YOURS? If you find yourself wishing that the closets were bigger, that you had larger rooms, that there was another bathroom or that the bathroom you have was different, these are all good indications that building your own home could be exactly what you need! Nothing makes your home feel like home than having it built to your exact specifications and needs. View floor plans from Hagen Homes here!

2. You’re tired of Moving and Paying Rent

Everyone hates moving! You may have found yourself moving from one place to another every year or two for any number of reasons, but If you’re ready to plant your roots, why not build a new home? If you rent from another owner, chances are you’re paying more than what you would with a mortgage! Granted, the up-keep of your rental is handled by someone else, but if you build a new home rather than purchasing someone else’s, everything will be NEW. That buys you several years of living in a low-maintenance home! One of the worst things about renting is that you don’t necessarily have a say in what goes into your living space. Most lease agreements limit your ability to paint rooms, make structural changes, or even fasten decorations to the walls! Having a custom-built home to call your own remedies these woes.

3. You’re Running Out of Room!

Has your family grown to a size that is too large for your dwelling? Are your kids sharing a room and constantly complaining that they wished for their own? There’s plenty of warning signs that you’re running out of room. Maybe you have a basement that can’t be used for anything but storage. Have you considered the possibility of bringing some of those items that you’re storing out into the open where they can breathe and be seen? After all, they wouldn’t be in the basement if you had more room! It’s possible that you find yourself having to wait to use the restroom, even! You need more space, and the best space available is one that fits your specific wants and needs: A custom-built home.

4. Your Commute is Too Long

Your workplace might be far away from your current home. Maybe you’ve looked at other places to live near your work and none of them were up to your standards, so you resided yourself to making the long commute. A home that is built to your standards, on land near your workplace could be a great solution you hadn’t considered!

5. Going Over Financials and Finding a Builder

The last sign that you’re ready to start building your home is that you’ve gone over your financials and have found that building your home is possible. Do your research and find a builder or multiple builders to get estimates from. Who you choose as a builder will affect your overall experience, however. Do your research, ask friends and family, and trust your gut. We do have a builder in mind if you feel you’re ready. Contact Hagen Homes today!

The decision to build a home shouldn’t be taken lightly, but let’s face it: You’ve been thinking about it for months, if not years! Why not make this the year where you turn those Pinterest boards and “one day” dreams into a reality?! If you start now, you could even be spending the New Year in a new home! Contact Hagen Homes today and turn your dreams into reality!